Tool and Die

Design, Progressive, Quality

Chelar Tool & Die has more than 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise enabling us to produce high quality progressive, robot, and hand transfer tooling as well as turnkey processes requiring custom built machines to meet the demands of the fast paced 21st century manufacturing industry. 

In addition to producing tooling for post steel components, Chelar’s expert staff is able to produce tooling for highly visible pre-painted and stainless steel parts when the look must be perfect.  Our ability to handle complex tooling packages makes Chelar your one stop shop.

Product 1

Chelar’s experienced design staff able to come up with efficient ways to produce reliable and cost saving tools as well as run part simulations with AutoForm.

Product 2

Able to produce dies from small high production tools to large complex dies measuring 78" x 168" and over 45,000 lbs.

Product 3

Chelar Tool & Die provides precision machining services for a wide array of industries, including aerospace, appliances, HVAC, electrical, and many others.